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Mr. Al Geebrah's Fraction Mystery!!!

This math story has 17 very short chapters (1 page each).
The math is appropriate for grades 4-6 (or thereabouts).
Math focus is on fractions (adding, fraction number sense, and equivalent fractions).
Most students should be able to complete the entire story in one or two class periods.

grab a pencil and paper!
you'll need them to do your math!!!
Chapter 1 A Strange School join me on Youtube
Chapter 2 The Math Test
Chapter 3 A Strange Bird
Chapter 4 A Puzzle to Solve
Chapter 5 Another Mystery
Chapter 6 A Math Problem
Chapter 7 A Challenging Puzzle
Chapter 8 Two Halves of a Puzzle
Chapter 9 Spooky School Yard
Chapter 10 The Map to the Castle of Math
Chapter 11 A Long Journey
Chapter 12 Mr. Geebrah's Pets
Chapter 13 Mr. Geebrah's Pets Ate Suzy!
Chapter 14 Tricky Locks
Chapter 15 Lots of Keys
Chapter 16 Equivalent Fraction Keys
Chapter 17 A New Day!

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