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Below are lessons I've written (use the grade levels loosely)-The challenges are problem solving activities (not lists of drills), others are games, and some are lessons designed to be used with my math poems. This page will continue to grow as I find time to upload during prep periods - Mr. R.

Pi Day Countdown

pi song- pi day- einstien's birthday pi poem pi limericks

number sense
grades K-2 color tiles challenge making tens card game shrinking lines (K)
base ten block detectives double numbers card game window washer challenge    
measurement trains turkey addition challenge towers of ten    
tic-tac-toe hundreds chart groups of 10 worksheet the penny thief challenge    
penny to dime trading coin combinations      
money bags      
grades 3-5 base ten block challenge coin counting activity oreo cookie challenge corral challenge (area) division powerpoint
prizes challenge-pennies money money game ketchup challenge banana split challenge brownie fraction challenge
place value unifix activity stamp machine challenge elevator challenge multiplication facts grid game octopi exemplar
place value activity new york marathon challenge mars rover challenge multiplication facts circle game copy machine challenge
what I did last summer making change challenge cycling hills multiples of ten game my dog division
mr. geometry car wash challenge subtraction blackjack domino multiplication game division pigeon
place value poker birthday math digit activity   multiplication array race 30-second remainder game
number thief - double numbers teddy bear calendar challenge   my dog multiplication what's the deal
perimeter paul Trick or Treat Challenge   factor war card game comparing fractions game
cutting paper     design a house activity fraction cups
      the thanksgiving turkey
    thanksgiving budget math invent-a-color fractions
grades 5-8 quarters for change challenge     weight on mars lesson clogged tub challenge
decimal logic game
holiday math
pi day (March 14th)
thanksgiving math halloween math thanksgiving budget math christmas/holiday math
  thanksgiving turkey story   11-11-11 challenges (calendar problems)    
high school geometry powerpoints

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