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The Number Thief 9X
(a math story in rhyme! This one lets students practice their 9's tables!)

I think I was happy,
Or was I real sad?
Yes, I was crying,
And feeling quite bad,
Sobbing you see,
Cause I was alone,
My parents had gone,
To the mall by our home...
Shopping for something
To keep out the thief,
Who liked to steal numbers,
To give me math grief…
They’d taken my dog,
And my cat, and my bird,
Anti-thief was on sale,
The spray, I had heard…
anti thief spray can
Now the thief was no friend,
Or buddy, or pal,
No acquaintance,
No chum, no guy, or no gal!
He was the thief,
I disliked to see,
Just like
9 X

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