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The Number Thief
What really happened the night before Christmas!
(multiplying by 6)

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‘Twas the night before Christmas,
I was holding a broom,
My parents had forced me,
To clean my whole room!
To clean up the mess,
Number Thief had made there,
A mess made of numbers,
And greasy green hair…
Number Thief was a dude,
Who was really un-cool,
He tried to steal numbers from my home and my school...
My homework and classwork always looked bad,
Every time he showed up I felt pretty sad...

Now, my parents had gone,
To the mall with grand-pop,
While alone I was scrubbing,
With Dad's broom and Mom's mop…
broom and mop
I wished for a present,
Something real sweet,
Like one night without thief,
Or a drum kit to beat!
I wished for 5 boxes,
Filled with toy trains,
Ot better yet they'd be filled,
With video games!

If there were 5 boxes with 6 video games in each box,
how many video games were there in total?

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