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adding to 10 poems


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adding zero (Zoe's Zany Zero)
ways to make ten: 0 + 10 (eleven toes!)
ways to make ten: 0 + 10 (tiny baby ant!)
ways to make ten: 1 + 9 (one won one run)
ways to make ten: 1 + 9 (race cars!)
ways to make ten 1 + 9 (the tens tree)
ways to make ten: 2 + 8 (Boo Boos chews shoes)
ways to make ten: 2 + 8 (octopus on a dock)
ways to make ten 3 + 7 (seven slithering snakes)
ways to make ten: 3 + 7 (ten wheels)
ways to make ten: 4 + 6 (4 flying fish)
ways to make ten 6 + 4 (six sick sticks)
ways to make ten: 5 + 5
ways to make ten - in general

adding double number poems


adding doubles: 1 + 1 (Samuel the Spider)
adding doubles 1 + 1 (stinky shoes)
adding doubles: 2 + 2 (tricky tigers)
adding doubles: 2 + 2 (sleeping spiders)
adding doubles: 3 + 3 (leafy tree seeds)
adding doubles: 4 + 4
adding doubles: 5 + 5
adding doubles: 6 + 6 (6 strands of seaweed)
adding doubles: 6 + 6
adding doubles: 7 + 7 (seven silly slippers)
adding doubles: 8 + 8
adding doubles: 9 + 9
adding doubles: 10 + 10
adding doubles plus one
adding doubles- the number thief
addition/subtraction poems my dog, addition
my dog, subtraction
subtraction cat
the day 1 + 1= 3
addition limericks
subtraction limericks
skip counting poems skip count by 2 (ten twins tweet)
skip count by 2 (my fat cat)
skip count by 3
skip count by 4
skip count by 5
skip count by 10
geometry poems
squares- early elementary
square and circle - early elementary
circle - early elementary
oval - early elementary
triangle - early elementary
star - early elementary
dots are spots- early elementary
mr. geometry
position words poem
triangle types
trapezoid or trapezium
perimeter Paul
circle- upper elementary
pi poem
pi limericks
the square on a hill
a line
triangle trouble
geometry limericks
fractions poems numerator & denominator
fractions fractions
nate the fraction
my dog, numerator
my dog, denominator
D for Denominator
fraction limericks

number sense poems


eyes aren't square
ten fingers
patterns on Saturn
less than greater than- alligator
evens split
2 many 2 much
subitize- a quick look
digit school
place value halloween
place value
commas: place value
what I did last summer
math wrath
math in a tub
math cheese
missing math mystery
square numbers- graph to squares!
money math poems nickels
dime in town
dimes (how many in a dollar?)
nickels (how many in a quarter?)
quarters are fractions
dollar bill
multiplication poems my dog, multiplication
multiplication limericks
multiply by hen
division poems my dog, division
reindeer named remainder
division pigeon
a quarter problem (division)
division limericks #1
division limericks #2
sports and math poems baseball numbers
basketball numbers
football numbers
tennis numbers
bike numbers
number thief math poems:
they're silly but fun!
adding double numbers
odd and even numbers
adding 10's (on and off decade)
Multiply by 3
Multiply by 4
Multiply by 6
Multiply by 7
Multiply by 8
Multiply by 9
Multiply by 12
pemdas (order of operations) pemdas
pemdas limericks
pemdas very short poem
signed numbers positive and negative integers
adding negative integers
subtracting negative integers
multiplying integers
fractions math story mr. geebrah: a full length math mystery with fractions! (grades 4-6)
halloween math story mr. r.'s halloween favorite- practice 2 x 2 digit multiplication!
see mr. r.'s all new science poems page! science poems page
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