Lyrics for Alphabet Section

A is for apple,

B is for bear,

C is for cat

I see cats everywhere!

D is for dog,

E, elephant,

F for swimming fish,

Swish, swish, swish,

G for giraffe,

H is for hat,

I for frozen ice,

So cold, so nice!

J for jars of jelly,

K kangaroo,

L for licking lion,

He’ll join us too!

M for silly monkey,

N for nose and nose!

O for oval orange,

Or those orange colored toes!

P for pack of purple penguins,

Q for quack quack,

R for running rabbits,

Making running rabbit tracks!

S is for snake,

T for toucan,

U is for umbrella,

A rainy day plan!

V for violin with bow,

W water,

X for xylophones,

Just play ‘em like you oughta’,

Y for yelling yellow,

Z for zany zebras,

Those are all the letters,

I’ll ABC ya’s!