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Days of the week ice cream! join mr r. on you tube
How much ice cream can you eat? days of week8 days a week days of week
Don't eat lunch at my school... chef at my schoolbaseball
Always look before you step! shoe watch your stepshoe
A nosy tale... nose nose picker nose
It's always baseball season... sid at bat baseball bats
Does it only work on hands? hand soaphand soap jar
The tick that couldn't tock! tick tock
birds flap flap birds flap flapscarlet ibis
What would you do to save a tree? trees trees tree
Too fat to fly... batNat the Fat Batbat
To give or receive... snaggle toothed tigersnaggle toothed tiger cartoon
Eek-A-Mouse mousemouse cartoon
There's nothing like a rainy day... raining umbrella in rain
Something gross at the grocery store something gross at the grocery store moldy bread
Could it be true? How will we get to school? someone stole the school bus
Does he care about anything? wally so whatwally so what
Have you ever been pushed too far? fred frog & lou lillypad frog
I think you better eat your dinner... mother cooked my footballsfootball
What happened to Bert? bert bromis bert bromis with a beard
Fish the life of a fish fish cartoon
How many hours has it been? are we there yet????overcrowded car
The tales of the bike... bicyclebicycle
What doesn't my dog like to eat? feeding the dogakita dog
Is it really that bad to always be sad? smile and the frown smiley face
Everyone has one... sunset special place sunset
What would you do to get out of the first day of school... new schoolschool monster!
Some are and some aren't- the opposite poem 0pposite poem-meop etisoppo
What if books tasted good? if books came in flavors
What if baby strollers had engines? baby strollers baby stroller
Should you be afraid of your dentist? the dentist tooth
Has your doctor been up too late?? doctors hospital image
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