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Fourth Grade and the Evil Wizard of Math
(Mr. R.'s 3 - 5th grade math story)

Chapters 1-12 are currently active- and they're now checking your answers!
Mr. R. will be adding more chapters when his students finally give him some peace and quiet!

summer math review!
winter math review!
encourage students to read out loud!
give a chapter a night for homework!

CHAPTER 1: School on Saturday!!! (8 math problems) join me on Youtube
CHAPTER 2: No Way Out! (3 math problems)
CHAPTER 3: A Very Strange Place to Find an Elevator (7 math problems and 1 extra credit!!)
CHAPTER 4: Thingamajigee, Thingamajigee, What Could You Be?(4 math problems)
CHAPTER 5: A Disgusting Little Man and a Fake Dollar Bill (2 math problems)
CHAPTER 6: A Warning from Fifth Graders, and a Scary Elevator Operator (3 math problems)
CHAPTER 7: Anything but the Evil Wizard of Math, and a Difficult Problem to Solve (5 math Problems)
CHAPTER 8: A Stretched Out Guinea Pig and a Wild Ride (1 page full of math problems!)
CHAPTER 9: The Contents of Norman's Stomach (3 math problems)
CHAPTER 10: Strange Things on the Way to the Center of the Earth (9 problems-a lot of work!!)
CHAPTER 11: A Turbo Drive Elevator and a One Way Trip to Hades For One (7 math problems)
CHAPTER 12: A Soda Drinking Novoctopus and Prime Numbers (5 math problems)



If you want to read the entire math adventure...
The digital download is available and its uses are endless!!!
With 31 chapters, over 200 word problems, and more than 15 poems, it makes for raucous reading,
methodical math enrichment, helpful homework assignments,
scintillating summer/winter reinforcement,
and a great way to fill up your oh-so-empty hard drive...


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